El Siete Días

Breaking the Language Barrier: El Siete Dias’ COVID-19 Outreach for Spanish-speaking Latine Families

Welcome to our Impact Fund Spotlight series, where we celebrate our partners who are addressing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we turn the spotlight on El Siete Días, a Spanish language newspaper that is tackling misinformation and language barriers to promote COVID-19 mitigation strategies and vaccination.

For years, El Siete Días, led by Editor-in-Chief Raul Perez, has embarked on a journey of community transformation. Recognizing the obstacles faced by non-English speaking Latine families in our community, such as language barriers and the digital divide, the organization has set out to change the narrative. Through partnerships with community stakeholders, school districts, businesses, and stores, El Siete Días is bridging the information gap, empowering the community with crucial knowledge and resources. We interviewed Raul Perez and Jordon Lovelace, the Account Executive. This is their story.

In our diverse and interconnected community, a profound divide persists, creating barriers to vital information. For many, staying informed about topics like COVID-19 can be an uphill battle especially for Spanish-speaking Latine individuals. Throughout the pandemic, important questions have arisen regarding testing, vaccination, and the virus itself: How can I access COVID-19 testing and understand the process? Are there specific testing sites or resources available that cater to the needs of the Hispanic community? What are the key symptoms of COVID-19, and how can I differentiate them from other illnesses? Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective? What are the potential side effects associated with vaccination? Disparities in technology access, language barriers, and the overwhelming volume of information can leave people feeling isolated and disconnected.

El Siete Días understands the unique challenges faced by the Latine community and has made it their mission to ensure that crucial information reaches those who need it most. In doing so, they transitioned from providing daily news to releasing a monthly printed press focusing on public health and catering to the evolving needs of their readership.


El Siete Días monthly printed press with a segment titles “Comprobado que las vacunas contra el COVID-19 son seguras.” which translates to “It has been proven that COVID-19 vaccines are safe.”

El Siete Días’ monthly printed press.

Unmasking COVID-19 Disparities

Latine individuals are twice as likely to contract COVID-19, three times as likely to require hospitalization, and more than twice as likely to succumb to the disease. Compounded by the need to navigate complex information, understand risk factors, and make informed decisions with a potential language barrier, El Siete Días knew that outreach to the Latine community was urgent and needed.

El Siete Días tackles the information gap with a dual-pronged approach. They have harnessed the power of the digital realm, utilizing social media and other online platforms to expand their reach. Simultaneously, they have made remarkable progress in engaging families at community events through creative and tangible means, such as distributing goodie bags with materials that are both appealing and accessible.

The significance of these goodie bags should not be underestimated. Including vibrant stickers, bilingual pamphlets, COVID-19 tests, and an assortment of resources, each bag is carefully curated to ensure that crucial information about COVID-19 is not only shared but embraced by every family member.

Raul emphasizes the purpose behind these goodie bags, stating, “As the kids explore the bag, they find toys and stickers, but there’s also key information included. Our goal is to get these bags, with the important information, back home. This ensures they at least have the necessary basic knowledge.”

He elaborates that these events provide a unique opportunity for the El Siete Días team to engage with entire families. In the Latine community, the family is at the core, and it’s often the children who approach first, followed closely by their parents and grandparents. Once these materials reach the home, the intention is for parents and grandparents to engage with them. Printed in both English and Spanish, since many younger family members are bilingual, the aim is to involve the entire family unit. Even if COVID-19 vaccination may not be their immediate inclination, providing families with basic information about best practices is a valuable step.

El Siete Días in the community

A man in a black t-shirt shows a pamphlet to another man wearing a patterned green shirt. The one man is showcasing the pamphlet to his counterpart. Behind them, a backdrop of the Mexican and United States flags adds context to their exchange.

Raul Hernandez Discussing Pamphlet with Colleague

A vibrant scene at the El Siete Días tent, prominently labeled at the top, at a local event. The tent is bustling with activity, featuring a table filled with green bags and various materials. A person is seated at the center, drawing the attention of a group of curious children.

El Siete Días Tent at Local Event

A child in a blue mask and grey hoodie is reaching into a bowl full of candy. Another younger child stands nearby, holding a colorful array of items – a pamphlet, a stuffed animal, a bottle, and an El Siete Días brochure.

Children Exploring Treats at the El Siete Días Stand

Spreading Information and Promoting Health

Beyond eliciting smiles, the goodie bags distributed at community events serve as catalysts for change. Witnessing the sight of children and adults alike eagerly exploring the contents, El Siete Días provides informational resources, including pamphlets written in Spanish, to ensure accessibility and understanding. 

Raul estimates that they distributed around 1000 to 2000 bags as needed by the school districts, promptly fulfilling any additional requests. El Siete Días’ dedication to engaging with the community extends beyond events. They distributed their pamphlets in various cities through partnerships with local stores, along with the use of flyers, posters, and their innovative goodie bags to further connect with the community.

In the heartwarming testimonies shared by community members, the profound effects of El Siete Días’ initiatives come to life. The impact is palpable, with families taking significant steps towards safeguarding their health and embracing a sense of unity and belonging.

During a recent visit to the Moses Lake School District, Raul, Jordon, and their colleague had the opportunity to witness the positive response firsthand.  The school district hosted a special event for immigrant families, where over 100 families gathered in the evening, sharing a meal together. As they engaged in conversations, the team inquired about the families’ vaccination status. To their delight, the majority of families raised their hands, indicating that they had received the vaccine. It was a powerful and heartwarming sight, reflecting the success of El Siete Días’ efforts in disseminating accurate information and promoting vaccination within the community.

In a store filled with colorful dresses and graduation sashes, an individual with long black hair, wearing a mask and a green jacket, holds up an El Siete Días newspaper and a COVID-19 test kit. They are showing these items to another individual, who is wearing a black T-shirt. This interaction illustrates the efforts of El Siete Días to provide necessary health resources along with its regular media content to its community members.

El Siete Días Distribution of COVID-19 Test Kits in a Local Store

A person with long black hair and a green jacket is engaged in a conversation. They are holding up a newspaper-type item displaying the "El Siete Días" logo, along with a COVID-19 test kit. They are showing these items to another person, who is dressed in a grey hoodie and wearing a black mask.

Health Advocacy and Awareness in a Tailor’s Store

What lies ahead for El Siete Días?

More intentional growth and heightened impact.

Through their innovative health initiative, El Siete Días has not only expanded the reach of their newspaper but also ventured beyond traditional methods of information dissemination. The impact of their work goes beyond preventing COVID-19 in the present moment. By distributing pamphlets that promote broader public health principles, such as proper handwashing and wearing masks, they are instilling essential habits in children that will have long-term effects extending into the future. This project brings lasting benefits, as valuable information is spread throughout the community.

From a personal perspective, Jordon highlights, “I believe the engagement with the community has been impactful. Whether we’re setting up at markets or participating in events in Seattle or Edmonds, the conversations we have with families are meaningful.”

Many families, grappling with the aftermath of COVID-19, are striving to regain stability in their lives. Engaging in discussions with them and witnessing their emotional responses serves as a powerful reminder of the deeply personal experiences they have endured. It reinforces the importance of gratitude and compassion.

Through their dedication to community engagement and the provision of vital information, El Siete Días is making a profound impact on the lives of individuals and families. It is a testament to their commitment and the transformative power of their work.

To learn more about El Siete Días and their impactful initiatives, visit their website at

Three youthful individuals are closely inspecting a selection of items, including masks, comic books, green goodie bags, and stickers, on display at the El Siete Días table during a community event.

Young Visitors at the El Siete Días Table