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The Learning Network

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Learn to Return (L2R) has worked with K-12 schools across Washington State to build and manage testing programs. These schools have adapted, learned, and responded to the unique challenges presented by this health crisis – and have gained a wealth of practical experience in the process. As the pandemic evolves and in-person learning remains critical – that practical experience must be shared! 

That's why l2r created the learning network!

What is the l2r learning network?

The Learning Network will serve as a platform for your school’s COVID-19 testing teams. It will promote learning and foster the spread of best practices and emerging innovative approaches across the state. The Learning Network will be a place where schools from across the state can work together, learn together and accelerate access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

The Learning Network is a resource for leaders in school-based COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. But it’s also a free and open resource for all Washington State schools – both those enrolled in L2R and those not enrolled. All are welcome to participate, learn, and share!


Our objectives

The L2R Network will…

Serve as a COVID-19 community of practice to facilitate networking and collaboration across WA State K-12 schools

Gather feedback from schools on best practices and lessons learned from their school-based testing programs

Establish a feedback loop between COVID-19 testing vendors and K-12 schools to ensure new technologies are meeting school needs

Identify and evaluate promising school-based COVID-19 testing innovations

Collaborate with L2R to support the diffusion of proven innovations to other districts

Strengthen the organizational resiliency to prepare WA’s schools for future health crises

Upcoming Events

Diagnostic to Outbreak: How to Rapidly Scale Your Diagnostic Testing Program to Respond to School Outbreaks

Are you spending valuable time navigating COVID-19 testing implementation challenges, uncertainties, and outbreaks?

Do you keep thinking to yourself: ‘I wish I could talk to someone who has done this before’? At our first event, you can!

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