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A quick guide to available L2R testing options

Testing FAQs

Answering key questions about L2R testing strategies for parents, guardians and families

Vaccine FAQS

Learn more about the vaccines & why you should get vaccinated

Vaccine & Testing FAQs

Learn why vaccines & testing are the dynamic duo that will help schools open and stay open this fall with confidence

School-Based Vax Events

Washington schools can take the lead in supporting vaccine uptake in communities by hosting vaccination events during the 2021 school year!

Learn to Return

…the Playbook


Drill down into the testing strategies offered through Learn to Return with this comprehensive resource. The L2R Playbook gives you the tools you need to design and implement the right-fit testing strategy (and other safety measures) for your school community.

It’s like the contents of your L2R Program Manager’s head in a convenient, indexed PDF. As always, don’t hesitate to contact your L2R Program Manager for one-on-one guidance.


Case Studies

Learn more about how Learn to Return engages with school communities and meet the school administrators, nurses and educators who have been going above and beyond to make in-person learning possible this fall.

Using the Whole Toolbox

How Davenport School District Kept their Kids in School

The L2R Newsletter curates the latest updates on COVID-19, testing programs, and vaccines for Learn to Return school districts. Explore the growing archive!

Volume 2 / Fall 2021

Volume 1 / Summer 2021