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Your trusted resource for the design and implementation of customized COVID-19 testing strategies for Washington K-12 schools.

About us

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Admin & Staff

Implementing testing strategies can be a heavy lift for school administrators and staff. Let Learn to Return lighten the load.

Parents & Students

Here’s what parents, guardians, students and families need to know about their school’s testing program.

Host a school-based vaccination event!

Learn how school districts can help drive vaccine uptake in Washington communities.

School testing funded through July 2022!

Summer 2021 is a great time to launch, scale, or adapt testing strategies for fall 2021. 

Vaccines & Testing

Learn why vaccines & testing are the dynamic duo that will help schools open and stay open this fall with confidence.  

Same Swab. Different Spot.

The transition from oral to shallow nasal swabs for Curative tests.

Pooled Testing 101

What you need to know about this new testing strategy.



Contact the team at Health Commons Project to get started. Summer 2021 is a great time to launch a testing program, pilot new testing strategies, or prepare to scale current strategies for fall 2021. Health Commons Project testing strategists are available over the summer to help you launch and guide your programs.

By the numbers

A summary of top testing vendor data between March 1 and June 1, 2021.

School districts engaged with L2R

School-based testing kick-off meetings held

Testing programs launched

Tests completed with a 6.1% positivity rate

Resources and Information

Menu of Tests

A quick guide to available L2R testing options

Testing FAQs

Answering key questions about L2R testing strategies for parents, guardians and families

Vaccine FAQS

 Students opt-in (with parental consent) to school-based testing programs

Vaccine & Testing FAQs

Learn why vaccines & testing are the dynamic duo that will help schools open and stay open this fall with confidence